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24 Episodes

The Edenverse is committed to helping the audience understand and learn to read the Scriptures through the lens of the original audience. The goal is to help convert the imagination not simply through reading the Scriptures, but learning to enter into them. The key to this section is to show how God moves through all of these things in love to pursue the highest good for humanity.
  • Archaeology
  • Worldview
  • History
  • Culture
  • Geography
  • Social Context
  • Political Context
  • Religious Context

Latest Episode

God & The Brain

10 Episodes

God & the Brain will help the audience understand the design of the brain, how it functions, how information flows, the role attachment environments play in the formation of the brain, how trauma affects the lens we view the world through, and how each of us forms, develops, and lives with our unique psychological representation of God. A key portion of this section will be to show that our representations of God are not God, and that God Actual is better than we think or experience him to be.
  1. Neurobiology
  2. Psychology / Psychoanalysis
  3. Attachment

Latest Episode

The Glossary

24 Episodes

The Glossary content will be all about defining terms and forcing clarity around key subjects pertaining to spiritual formation, with the love of God as the primary hermeneutical key for understanding reality.
  1. Illumination (Col 3: let the word of Christ dwell in you richly) Presenting the problem – PORTER
  2. Trinity – WAGNON
  3. Love – WAGNON
  4. Spirit (human in relation to the HS) – AVERBECK
  5. Emotion – HERNDON
  6. Walk by the Spirit – DUVALL

Latest Episode

A Bigger Story of Greater Love

21 Episodes​

This section will focus content on the metanarrative of Scripture, exposing common ways the Scriptures are misrepresented / misunderstood, then offering a new (ancient) way of reading the Scriptures as a cohesive whole with a God who is love at the center.

  • Boil down passages
  • Hebrew Prologue
  • Torah
    Israel’s History (including “problem passages”)
  • Wisdom
  • Poetry
  • Prophets
  • Gospels
  • Acts
  • Letters
  • Revelation

Latest Episode

Ever Present

11 Episodes​

This section will focus on what it means to be human, the role emotions play in the human experience, and how we are able to become more of what God intended through living into the way he designed us.

  • Emotional Design
  • Function of emotions
  • Experience (What does it feel like to be human?)
  • The emotional life of God

Latest Episode

Pace & Practice

9 Episodes​

Helping you become a person of love who walks at the pace of love.
  • Love
  • Pace

Latest Episode

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