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Our Mission

Helping you connect deeply with God,
yourself, and others.

We’ll help you slow down, audit your current reality, and intentionally establish a pace and practices for deep connection. Welcome to the relational habitat you were made for.

Eden Disrupted, Eden Restored

Eden was

meant to grow

Breach in Eden,
distorted view of God

God begins his

work to restore

God’s Eden 

Project continues…

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The Journey
Home Retreat

A two-night introductory retreat designed to deepen your connection with God, yourself and others


A one-year relational development journey for Ministry Leaders – surrendering to God’s love to become more mature in love.

Eden Lead:

A one-year relational development journey for Marketplace leaders – becoming more inwardly sound and outwardly focused

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Group of people chatting over coffee
In Triads, Learning to Pray the Psalms and on Retreats…We’ll show you how.

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