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Eden Project is privileged to welcome Melissa Miller to the staff team as the new Women’s Lead Director, a role tailored to the unique gifts God has given her.

In this role, Melissa will . . .
  • Provide leadership and mentoring to women throughout the Eden Project ecosystem.
  • Train leaders to facilitate spiritual formation and soul care retreats.
  • Come alongside churches around the country to help implement environments that cultivate a strong holistic, relational discipleship.
  • Work to develop unique pathways for soul care related to her research in discipleship and spiritual formation.
  • Be a strong voice and advocate for women within the Eden Project.

This is a vital role for our growing organization, and requires strong support from people who know Melissa is a proven, trusted leader. Your partnership with Melissa will launch her into this exciting new season of ministry, one we are confident will be exponentially fruitful.


100% of your investment will go to her annual salary and benefits.