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The Journey Home Retreat is a three day, two-night retreat designed to help Ouachita student leaders deepen their connection with God, themselves, and others. This is a unique investment in the lives of these leaders as we create space for them to experience the love of God in fresh, new ways. This authentic relational encounter with God is what college students long for and will produce the type of inner transformation our world desperately needs.


  • 6 Handpicked OBU Faculty
  • 10 Handpicked Student Leaders
  • 3 Eden Project Staff


Eden Project’s Journey Home Retreat


August 30th – September 1st, 2024


Broken Bow, OK

We’re all trying to get back to the home we’ve
never been to. The Journey Home Retreat will
help these student leaders start a journey back to
the relational habitat they were made for.

The Retreat Facilitators:

Nathan Wagnon

The founder and CEO of The Eden Project. 

Jenn Jett Barrett

The founder of The Well Summit, a ministry that encourages and inspires women in this generation.


Chris Kear

The Director of Downline Conway, a ministry that equips leaders to make disciples in the local church.


The Journey Home Retreat is a safe place for students to set aside the stress of their current season and simply be souls before God.

During The Journey Home Retreat, These Student Leaders Will Experience:

  • A relationally safe environment conducive for souls (which are very shy) to open up to love
  • A reformation of their own emotional image of God
  • Resources that will deepen all their relationships
  • Guided practices to help them live more at home in the love of God
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