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Friends of Chuck!
In June of 2022, I moved to Texas to help launch the Eden Project where I serve as the Director of Spiritual Formation. My primary initial role was to help build and then lead our Eden Lead Cohort for Ministry Leaders. Our first cohort of 35 leaders completed their year-long journey in April of 2024.
If I am honest, I absolutely love what we built. The Holy Spirit is impressive and lives were noticeably transformed. “I’ll never be same” and “I’ll never lead the same” were repeated testimonials. As I look toward the future, I know now that I want to invest my life even more into the souls of these ministry leaders.
Therefore, I feel compelled to raise a portion of my salary in order to ensure I can continue to work within this team and continue this work. I am truly called to this work. I have come to discover that I exist “To create spacious environments to take leaders into the deeper waters of the Father’s love.” Until Jesus’ leaders are famous for love, His church will not be famous for love.
Please partner with me on this mission by donating to support my continued work. 
I thank you in advance!
Chuck Gschwend

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